THANK YOU for reaching out to Build Them Up AK llc for your student!

Applications are reviewed for three sessions a year:  Fall, Spring and Summer.  Please apply by the dates listed below for the semester you wish to be granted funds.

Applications for items such as gear & materials that may be needed throughout are reviewed and awarded outside of these dates.

Please note funds will never be awarded to a family or student and paid to the facility directly.  If for any reason funds are not used they shall be refunded back to Build Them Up AK llc from the facility.  Funds awarded for gear and materials shall be done so in gift card form.

If awarded your student will not be eligible for a year from the date on the award letter.  If denied your student will be eligible for the next session.  

All applications are reviewed and approved by the board.  All information requested must be filled out.  

If you have any questions regarding the process please contact us at


FALL:  for FALL tuitions applications are due by JULY 1st

SPRING: for SPRING tuition applications are due by DECEMBER 15th

SUMMER: for SUMMER tuition applications are due by APRIL 1st

              Please check out the STUDIO SPONSORED SCHOLARSHIPS for specific tuitions to local studios & facilities!


Building confidence, creating resilience and staying connected through extra curricular activities and fine arts.  

"Empower our youth, they will change the world"

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